Group Booking Form

We are obliged to satisfy Registration requirements when running.  This is not always possible on a particular day and we have restricted bookings to most Wednesdays and the 3rd Sunday of each month.

On these occasions:-

  • There is a minimum standard charge of $75 for 50 ride tickets which are valid for the day of the booking only.
  • Further tickets are available on the day at this rate (10 rides for $15), if required.
  • For safety reasons when children are riding it will be necessary for one adult to ride at the rear of each trolley and take responsibility for the behaviour of the children in the party.  This adult may travel free.
  • It is expected that a booking will not be longer than one hour.   If further running is required 15minutes after the nominal hour, another block booking charge will apply.
  • If it is decided to cancel the booking for any reason this must be advised to the club organizer before 9am on the day of the booking.
  • Bookings for larger parties on a specific day can be made by arrangement and will have a minimum charge of $200.

Payment may be made beforehand at :   38-9011-0220448-00   or on the day by cash, cheque or EFPOS which is available at the station.

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